Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nature's Bounty

Decided to choose Valley of the Rogues State Park Campground for my stay in Grants Pass, as we had been here before and the scenery was pleasant, the spaces open and spacious.

I visited with friends last night down in Applegate Valley horse and wine country.  Margaritas were abundant, so a bit slow this morning.
 Skies a bit overcast and the news said fires in northern California will be the cause for the rest of the week.  Can't smell it, so I chose to have coffee and a late breakfast then go out and enjoy something really special out here in Oregon.  Picking Wild Blackberries!

 They seem to grow EVERYWHERE!!

Yea!  love 'em!

I walked a trail near the campgrounds, along the Rogue River and filled a quart zip lock bag in a short walk.....then got my exercise in.  Wonderful day!

Tonight went back into town to meet friends again in Grant's Pass at the 'Laughing Clam', a fun watering hole over a 100 years old that we had visited on our last trip, and then Misashi's Japanese restaurant for sushi.  Again...Wonderful.

Stuffed and goodnight Maryellen!

Good night Johnboy!

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