Sunday, August 19, 2012

Headin' back East

Finally felt that the coach was ready for the long road trip from Oregon to Florida, so left yesterday.
Took scenic route from Eugene, heading east on 126, then 22 and 224 to Gresham.

Stopped a few times along the road to take in sights of the small river beauty or actions of those playing in it.

 Followed signs then up to I 84 for some easting along the Columbia River.  Decided to take a 7 mile parallel road, Oregon 30 and boy that was almost a mistake!  The sign said vehicles up to 50' so I was ok there, but they did not mention the narrow bridge sections with concrete railings 3' high that were loaded with scrapes from vehicle accidents of the past. What's important maybe here is this was on a late Saturday afternoon in tourist country...sigh.   I was lucky in that each time I got to one of these narrow road sections, there were no cars coming in the opposite direction.  The real problem was that you could not see the other end of the bridge section, but just had to go for it, hoping no one was already in that narrowed road already.  'They' would have had to back up, as I cannot with towed vehicle behind me.. Oh so lucky.

Managed to find a parking spot an 1/8th mile past a waterfall(everything outdoors is very busy on a Saturday)  Awesome waterfall!


Karen and Tony said...

That's a beautiful section of road but man , it is narrow! Glad you made it through okay without scraping that nice RV against the railings.

Ron Sheridan said...

No problem. Got 'my' scratch in the first Home Depot parking lot. Seems they felt it important to protect their pebbles inside the curbed turn areas of parking lot with 250 lb. volcanic narly rocks.
Ok, I could have stopped, but....I pulled into the Truck section of their parking lot... sigh.
yes, my fault, my scratch!