Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heading West

Heading west again, to pick up my new addition, a 2001 Foretravel U320 40' coach.  It has been at Oregon Motorcoach Center, Eugene Oregon;  a large RV company that is also a factory recognized service center for Foretravel's  getting checked out and tweaked.

Will be driving my little Hyundai Elantra Touring model out there and then will tow it behind the FT.  Should be gone for a month and a half or so, as I'll probably stop in Texas to investigate some modifications.

Just returned from Panama in a hectic one week adventure, delivering sails we made this winter for the Kuna Indians.

A YouTube video has just been uploaded of the Ulu Sail Project and delivery and the LINK is below.   Enjoy, and certainly comment on it and if you will..... pass the link on! Its always a good time to network, to get other perspectives. Constructive ideas are always appreciated!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Job Done....flying home.

Everything went better than expected with this trip to Panama.  Leaving the city this morning, I had to stop and take a photo of this new building. 

The cocaine capital skyline changes often.

Of course there are other beautiful things here to catch your eye..........

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Radio Silence for 10 days

Now in Panama City, Panama-- at the home of Anibal Morales/a Panamanian-retired from the US military.  Will move on to Carti, Kuna Yala today.
Talked to Justino Galino, my prime Kuna of Isla Gerti/the Robesons,  yesterday and he will have a boat ready at Carti airport to take us, the sails and all my gear, over to the Robeson Islands.  He is very excited.  Just wait 'til he sees the sails!  He's gonna flip out!  I'm sure he either never thought anything would ever happen with the information and measurements of their old sails, that I took while I was in their islands in 2011 or  he gave up expecting dreams to come true.  However!!! Here they come!

Went to Reys supermarket yesterday to load up on food items I can take with me, as there are no food stores on his island.  A bread maker and a tienda that maybe sells rice, tuna fish etc. but I bought enough that I can live on for a week  or so.  Some fruit, canned foods such as hearty soups, small boxes of fruit juices, Gatorade, 2 cases 20 oz. water bottles, prepackaged/pre-cooked meals that I can eat cold, cans of nuts, vegetables etc.  Guess I'll loose another pound or two! :)

OK, probably no more to be written on this site until July 25th or so, as there is no Internet out there in the San Blas that I will have access to. One way or another, I have a scheduled American Airlines flight to return to the United States on July 27th.

Stay well ya'll!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Going back to Panama

This is a last minute Edit.
 I finally have everything lined up to take the next big step in the Ulu Sail Project; contacts in Panama notified, flights booked, interpreter, driver and boat ready, all except packing my bag. flying out of Orlando to Panama City, Panama via Miami on Friday, June 13th., and hopefully returning to the U.S. July 27th.

"We" made these sails for the ulu's (dug out canoes) of the Kuna Indians of Panama.   This is the rainy season in Panama, with torrential downpours, but ....It is what it is.... so bought a 'jungle hammock with a rain cover for this delivery phase.  Another adventure.  Say a prayer as this trip should be a challenge!

I cannot thank enough, those who directly helped make this project a reality, but I will name you.

Dorothy Knight
Justino Galino
Keith Donaldson
Joan Escuriex
Dave Barker
Ralph Marshall
Anibal Morales

        For the full story, click on this link: