Friday, September 25, 2009

Monument Valley, Sept. 24

It is hard to say anything about Monument Valley. The Pictures 'should' speak for themselves and do a better job of it, if you click on each to get the full effect, but text that I can add seems insufficient, so I'll minimize the attempt.
There is no Doubt that 'color' is a real factor here and morning/afternoon and evening colors compete for top honors. Might be correct to say, "you had to be there" to be accurate, but we LOVED IT!

Took a tour from Goulding's complex but some of the local indians also have a service. Our guide, Paul, was a hefty gent with a good sense of humor and good driving skills. He got us around the floor of the Valley for 3.5 hours and ended up with the setting sun right where the camera said "YES! That's IT!"