Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Terrarium

Started in Louisiana then through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, we picked up a few ingredients to place in a display of one kind or another.  Finally, in Silver City, N.M. we found a nice glass jar for $4.

While in the High desert of Joshua Tree National Park, I set things out and then put them together in our new 'terrarium'.  However, while driving today, (yup! we forgot and had left it on the table) it slid off the table while on a turn.  SOoooo, will clean things up and try again :)

Kingman, Az.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

"SKULL ROCK" OK, I see it.  They do this in caverns too.
  Campsites were full of Spring Break'ers, rock climbers, and foreign tourists.  Nice mix, and all seemed to be having a ball!
Foreign RV.  Love the way 'form' follows function.  Not a typical U.S. type of vehicle where so much is 'for show'.  This is dedicated to perform as designed. Period!  Nice!!

You can walk up to these little hairs and they stand there frozen.  Get closer than 5 feet and they just move to 20'.

Well, not driftwood, but thought a weathered piece of wood.  NO.  A falcon of some type, resting!
 The 'crew' liked this place!

Class C..........a project

Tomatoes (roma), Tilapia Filets, Large Tomatoes, Marinated Chicken

I don't know what YOU pay for tomatoes, but in Florida, I'm used to prices from $1.49 to $4.00 per pound.
We came across this food store in southern New Mexico with fabulous pricing on many items.

Free Air?

Man, it's been a LONG time since I've seen one of these!!