Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tired but still pushing.........

Left Florida's Panhandle expecting to take my time traveling NW to Oregon from Florida.  Well, I guess that's just not in my genes, so found myself driving hard and long.  Arrived in Eugene Oregon in 4 days/3000 miles.  One evening, because I HAD TO CONTINUE driving was because of Oil Fields in Wyoming had all the lodging filled with 'workers' and the rates were 150% of normal!  I had to drive another 150 miles to get out of the region and pricing.  However....
                                                  BEST WESTERN ENTRANCE
Slept in decent lodgings along the path, and one really nice suite, in Bend Oregon, called the River View.  Got a room high up a hillside, looking down at the river below. Lovely.

 It was a shame I was not more awake or rested to really enjoy this or 'on a real trip, relaxed and also sharing this' but I was alone and in "Delivery mode".

Bottom rate motels were not worth the mental thoughts so stayed comfortable in better places as I also was concerned about security, as my car was 'loaded' with valuables.  Had early on, had my car broken into in N.C. at an economy motel and don't want that to happen ever again!!!

On some roads I was able to stop and really enjoy the view.  Took one road that I could NOT take a big rig on, as it was limited by rocks to no more than 35' rigs, but being in my little car all was well.

Art shops, metal sculptors etc, caught my attention along the trip so I stopped to stretch my legs and mind.

Out here in Oregon, I took a side trip to the Pacific Ocean for a day and it was a good day of relaxation passing through Coos Bay on the coast.
 Odis Sanders, a friend of mine from Freeport, NY and New York Road Runner's Club days, was with me and we had tons of fun chatting about our lives today and the old days too.

The United States sure is a beautiful          and huge       nation.  I totally enjoyed the view even though I was limited to side glances,  by being the 'driver.'
NOW, I will enjoy driving this new Foretravel Motorhome to Texas, via a northern route and taking more time.  I'm going to 'really',  enjoy this!!

While out here I had Oregon Motorcoach Center in Eugene Oregon check our the rig and fix a few things.  They get an A but not yet an A+.  Will return the rig to them on this coming Friday and I am sure they will get the highest grade possible.  The service  and level of personal attention was what these kind of service centers 'should' provide.  Top Notch!

                                         Wall Mural ............................................
Took some time this weekend to drive the new rig south to visit a fried I used to coach in running 30+ years ago and chilled out to take a drive over to the Pacific.

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