Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grand Canyon: Hitting the Road, Sept. 1, 2009

Having prepared now for over a year to see the Grand Canyon; we left today (Sept.1st on time-just after breakfast) to follow our headlights until we got there. We had booked a 3 day stay on the North Rim and a 3 day trip afterwards, on the South Rim. The nice part is we had almost 4 weeks to get there! This alloted time to visit friends and family along the way for an evening or two, and yet drift along with options to stop pretty much were ever the mood told us to. Nice!

Fueled up, loaded up with gear and clothes and all those last minute things you find at Camper's World, we were prepared.

We took Dad's little "Lady" with us. She's a 9 lb Rat Terrier, age 1.75yrs and for the 9 lbs. she has to be munching on a 1/4 pounder at the time. After Dad's passing, I just could not give away his dog immediately. So, she rides west!

Today we loaf along roads mostly absent of cars, looking for the smallest and oldest country roads we can find so we "see" something worth seeing rather than miles of Interstate. Near the middle of the day, we settle on High Springs Florida for our first overnight. There is a State Park there and besides being a very reasonably priced/secure place to sleep over, it is quiet and as natural a setting as is available anywhere.

You will notice as we drift along on this trip, that I am committed to several things. Seeing worthwhile things of nature or man, but 'worthwhile' and keeping costs down to where I feel humbled by the experience rather than overwhelmed or upset at the cost.

We have all the comforts aboard our small but very adequate class C motor home. We have provisioned well and everything we don't have is available somewhere soon. We're not broke and we are adamant about having fun.

Follow along and enjoy with us. Also, please forgive me but many times there is no internet so my bloging will be piecemeal. You can always go back and reread a bit, as I will be going back to past posts and adding photos and text.