Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Business

Driving down the road we saw and quickly passed a 'family business' on the roadside.  In a flash, we turned around to investigate.
Lovely Navaho family, parents and 2 children, trying out a new business selling home made bread, fresh tortillas and baked treats.  They had quite an inventory, so hope they make out well.

When we first passed, they had their wares covered with a blanket and only the sign reading "Bread for Sale" was evident.

 Only when Dorothy finally approached on foot did they unveil their bounty. Mouth watering!!

At first we purchased a large loaf of bread and one raisin/cinamin loaf, then OK, I gave in and bought 8 sections of blueberry, apple, peach and cherry delights.  Yup! Delicious!!

Then Dorothy noted a couple of large tupper wares and to our delight some wonderful tortillas. " OK Four of those Please!"  (should have bought more-they were wonderful too)

I sure hope they have success!

COLD country still

Surprised how cold it still is up in these mountains.  We were in the SE area of Arizona when we came upon a frozen lake and road closures due to snow.  It's all about altitude!