Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Base Plate installation / Tow Package setup for Hyundai

We had purchased a Hyundai Elantra Touring manual shift auto in 2010.  One important thought at the time, was to purchase a car that 'could' be towed behind our motor home.  Well, I finally got the time and inclination to order all the parts necessary to accomplish a safe tow.
I had to wait, until a manufacturer actually had produced a BasePlate for our particular car.  It took Blue Ox company 2 years to actually get one to market.  I ordered it in May.

The installation seemed straightforward, but I found their instructions to be lacking detail and incomplete. "Of course, there is the caveat "Professional Installation" required or suggested................. :(

Removing the front panels on the car was not difficult, but getting the car up off the ground took some thouhgt and time to set up.  I had some extra lumber in my garage, so built a platform of it and used a short piece as a ramp for both sides.  Not being as flexible as I used to be, I needed the advantage of a more comfortable sitting/work position on the floor.

To install the BasePlate bar, some of the front panels had to be trimmed, as well as 2 corners off of the Frame Rail extensions.  That all went well and I was able to cut, drill and mount all of the components, but the cutting of the grille, required to allow the Baseplate components to be accessed from the front, was inadequately explained in the instructions.  Hence, I cut away a bit too much, instead of a perfect job, I got one that I call acceptable........

The 'Wiring' portion of this Tow Setup requires a 4 wire harness to be run from the Front Grill Area, back to the rear lights.........for brakes, tail and turn signals.  This job, I think I'm going to have to hire out as I just cannot bend my body into the tight spaces required anymore......... so be it.  I ran the wiring from the front 6 pin connector at the Grille, to just inside the engine compartment.

Now, I'm going to search the phone book and internet to see who I can find to complete this job.