Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ulu Sail Project: color prevails

Having been given the option of sail cloth with color, I immediately said YES!  I believe this COLOR option will be so 'welcomed' by the Kuna people.

 Dave sewing the center seam on a dark pink/fuchsia colored new sail.
 Mixing up the colors!  Kuna's love color, so I thought these sails could have a mixed up kaleidoscope of colors, offering individuality for many of their ulus.

From these sails to the new ones will be like putting in a turbo charged engine!

making them in Solid Colors too.
 Solid Orange, with contrasting corner patches.

 Use what ya got!  Jibs got a bit of  "this and that"....they will look sharp, with any of the Main Sails.
Solid color and solid construction too.  "nothing to strong, ever broke!"
A tad of color was added to the 'last of the greys'.  35 of the  solid Greys were built and this one is special to me.   It's been a long week or so getting thru the glitches of this project... but now, I think I'm on a "ROLL!"  yay!  After many adjustments, to the sewing machine, it is Finally working well, and I'm feeling ok too.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fish and Chips

I bet this little food stand in Portland Oregon had a long line for it's fish and chips, since today is St. Patty's day!  My Dad would have loved this boat.  His name was John W.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ulu Sail Project, finally sewing.

It took nearly 7 weeks of daily cutting cloth to finally get to the sewing stage.  Luckily for me, a friend that helped out with sewing sails with me last year, joined in again.  Dave Barker, of Navarre Beach Kayaks, had some free time on his hands, as winter in N. Florida is a slow time in his business, so he drove 4 hrs. to get here and join the project.

I was still cutting cloth when he arrived,  so put him to work, attaching the cut pieces to the sail panels as prep work.  We wrapped up that portion and got into sewing during the 2 weeks that he spent here and made good progress.
 The table was modified to allow the machine to sit down into it, making the surface flush.

He brought another Sailrite LZS-1 sewing machine with him that was loaned to the project by Debbie, a cruiser friend.  With 2 machines set up, we made good progress.

Tables were modified to support the differing sized panels so we each could work a different part of the assembly at the same time.

The building's floor space is now covered with many stacks of cut sail cloth that will be a very large stack of completed sails in another month or two.
Dave is back home now dealing with Spring Break kayak rentals.

Thanks Dave!
While here, we had numerous problems trying to get a 2" Binder Attachment bought from Sailrite, to work properly adding the 2" material I had cut to fold properly over the edge of the sail while sewing.  Later on, I took the Binder apart and used it's throat, shown on right(shiney stainless) to guide the 2" material strips under a modified towing extension from my small motorhome.  It now helps guide the material so folded strips are created perfectly, making the process simple and fast!       Yay!!  Another time saver! :)
                   Cruising friends, the Midence family: Jack and Nicole, Marietta and waving Benjamin 

Next day, friends we cruised with in Honduras, U.S. and Panama, stopped by for a visit.  Twas a good time to relax for the evening.