Saturday, December 4, 2010

Willsaw, Montana

One of the pleasures of driving out west, is the absence of waste.  Things might get old, maybe left as is for awhile or forever, but that which is old, is not just trashed/demolished/replaced because there is something newer available.  Old is good, even if it just gets older.
 The, "the" intersection of roads within Willsaw, have been virtually unchanged for a century.  On the side wall of Willsaw Merchantile Bldg, was painted a scene of yesterday.  The merchantile is still operating in some fashion as it did in it's beginnings.  The Bank, is now the  Bar on the oposite corner.
 Clean, neat and with a seat outside for anyone to rest and ice for those on the go.
 On the third corner, the old gas station pricing the liquid gold at 17 cents per gallon.  Someone cuts the grass and takes care of the flowers.  A small, very small population, yet all seems in order and working.  How nice!
 Beyond town, not sure now, were farms and ranches of old.  Time and weather took there toll on what was left, but nothing destroyed for the sake of destruction.  Even the old pick-up rested where she probably last ran.  Now things removed, but the life and spirits of past days seem to remain.

I think Montana is called big sky country but it is a wonderful state with more than sky.  I hope to visit it again and at a slower pace.

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