Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 2010, Lower Manhattan, a 4 hour walk through history.

The Wall Street Bull.

Looking south from our room a few blocks from the South Street Seaport Museum.

Mary Youngblood, Grammy winning flutist, was preparing for a public concert in the NYC Customs House/now a museum.

       Oustide the Customs house are 4 large statues.
Inside, above where the concert was to be held, the circular rooms domed/wall ceiling contained 10 large 20x20' paintings of NY history.
In the museum was a permanent collection representing the Indian cultures of this hemisphere.  This golden figure was from Columbia 600-1000 AD
Inside, everything was the best of the best. From floors to doors, marble and bronze or ceilings and walls and painted halls, everything was and is, equal the best palacial grandeur of the world.
"High Noon" on Broad Street.
                       Home of the Free, land of the Brave.  America.
        Lunch time in the Big Apple.
Stopped by George Washingtons favorite pub, but it was closed today..............sigh.
                     Outside the NY Federal Building.

Lower Manhattan is an eclectic mix of architecture.  Still finding streets I've never been on before.  Lovely!
Eateries almost everywhere.

Stone Carvers were NOT in any unemployment line in this city.  They must have numbered in the thousands and worked overtime.  It is a city of carved stone.

                                                                  Street Art

                                                                      Trinity Church
                                                               Hot Dog!

      Trinity Church, near Ground Zero, the stained glass above the altar.
         One of the many bronze reliefs on the entrance doors.
                                     Dad, camera, son and street sculpture across from Ground Zero.
                          ...................a NYC must do! FINGER FOOD. Try some!!
The city that never sleeps...........Gotham.
Many artifacts of NYC are stored below ground in vaults and tunnels.  Some, are kept below the roads of the land bases of the NY bridges.  The arched sections under the Brooklyn Bridge hold original material used in construction of the bridge and borings of the rock beneath it's structure and the East River itself; taken before the bridge was built.  I had the luck to view some of it 30 years ago.  The bridge is now undergoing renovation but I wonder what is stored in this section?

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