Monday, May 25, 2015

Vincennes, Indiana

I just love staying off the beaten path.  Good roads, wonderful scenery, relaxed folks in country towns and history all over.

We forget sometimes...or at least I do, how much of our history I have forgotten or never knew well.  Yes, I knew about the Louisiana Purchase and some of what was going on in this central part of the continent before we were a country, but stopping and reading more and more puts things in a better perspective for me.

Vincennes, Indiana was French territory, until the French and Indian wars forced France to cede the lands east of the Mississippi to England.  Then of course England sailed home too after our revolution.

Most of the French citizens stayed on.  The town of Vincennes later on recognized it's history with a spectacular memorial along the river.  Nice what we can do, when congress can get down to simple business!

A cathedral's cemetery beside the memorial holds many of the the early soldiers and citizens but only a few are marked graves.

The cathedral is ornate.  Old style highly detailed stained glass windows depict the stories of the bible.

The organ area was open, as was all areas of the church for public viewing, including a crypt downstairs, under the altar.  Yes, unique.

The altar had a depiction of the Last Supper, in extraordinary detail, within it.

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