Thursday, May 28, 2015

North to Lake Superior

Fun, relaxing days were had moving north through Indiana and Wisconsin's center.  Stayed on smaller roads when possible.  Drove through farmlands of crops and dairy.  S.W. Wisconsin was really beautiful!
Pete, my rat terrier was often on his toes(well 'feet') when he saw cows or horses.  He just loves them.
The first cow he saw, licked his face and he's been in love ever since.
 Like...uh..."DAD!  CAN I GO PLAY?"  PLEASEEEEE!

In one campground, a number of geese were out training their young alongside a lake.  We motored up slowly for some photos.

My parents took me on a 6 week vacation when I was a kid, in a 15' red and white trailer that looked just like this new retro trailer being sold by Shasta company.  Wow did this bring back wonderful memories.

Kept heading north until I got to the western tip of Lake Superior.

 I had always wanted to get there, but you know how life is.  Anyway, I didn't really see much, just checked it off my bucket list while gazing on it for awhile, then turned west for Oregon.

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