Sunday, October 26, 2014

Habitat For Humanity, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Volunteering for the 1st time...

I've been wanting to gravitate into a part time effort for Disaster Relief, for some time.  However, all groups want you to have prior "build" experience. 

Habitat For Humanity needs folks to help build within their local affiliates around the country and a part of that is open for those traveling in RV's.  I signed up and had a great time, exercising my mind, body and my spirit actually got a free 'boost'.

Here are some photos.
Day 1 for me, I saw the outer walls had been framed, installed, braced and partially sheathed.   This work had been done in the prior 2 weeks before I arrived.
These 2 shots were taken at lunch time, day 1.
Day 3, all the outer walls were nailed properly and many other smaller details done so the structure could accept the Trusses(roof timbers).  All of them were installed in 1 day by the volunteer crew, with superior direction from the On Site Supervisor 'Pete' (dang good at what he does!!) and his assistant Dyana ( also Amazing!!!)
Gorgeous views here in Las Cruces, N.M.  the mountains are absolutely beautiful!
Once the Trusses were raised and secured, the framing of the Interior Walls began with help from Local Volunteers such as this college student in black, Pete the Supervisor in white and others in the background, often RV group that works at these projects around the country.
Details checked, then walls went up.

 And after 10 days with this crew and local volunteers, prospective families, here we see the results.  The house now has windows, doors, roofing shingles mostly installed and the property next door? well we began on that too!

Great bunch of folks and a wonderful experience.
I was extremely impressed with the 'quality' on every detail..  Not a mansion but a Quality Home.


Karen and Tony said...

You should show the Disaster Relief people some of the work you've done on your RVs. You've done amazing jobs on both of them!

Thanks for the photographs and your thoughts on working with Habitat for Humanity. I keep trying to get Tony to volunteer but he doesn't want to go off and leave me just hanging out in the RV while he's working. It looks like it'll be a lot of fun as well as helping to provide good housing for someone who really needs it.

Ron Sheridan said...

I understand your comment, but..
"nothing not about 'me'."
What I do or where my input goes, has to 'fit' into Another's framework.
I am steppin' in and UP, to see if I can help and without 'those' on the ground...saying YES we want you! or some such commnent, I am just another volunteer learning to fit the profile they might be comfortable with.
Yes, I truly understand what you are saying but I do understand I think.... I'm moving into this slowly at 'their' pace. IF they ask, or IF I'm in their social group, I will progress slowly in the direction you have suggested! Stay well, keep enlightening us all!
Hey!! been following your site and amazed at your movements. I've got a lot to learn from U 2!

Ron Sheridan said...

By the way Karen, many of the build sites with Habitat welcome folks coming in for a day. Not always needing your effort for 1 or 2 weeks.
Also, at the Caravaner Locations, where they offer hookups, there is an office that I'm sure would welcome your input!