Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cap Rock Canyon, Panhandle of Texas

Moving west towards Albuquerque for this years Balloon Fiesta, I took time to enjoy a few more park campgrounds of  Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.  I swung north into Oklahoma and enjoyed a few days south of the town of Sulphur, to view a display of dug out canoes, brought to the Chickasaw Reservation Cultural Center for display, from the University of Gainsville, in Florida.

Caprock Canyon State Park, was the next stop, kind of S.E. from Sulphur but in the Panhandle of Texas.  It was a nice ride going there through open areas of farming, ranching and just open spaces.  The canyon is between small quaint, well preserved towns of Quitaque, Tx. (pronounced Kitty-Quay) and Turkey, Texas, on decent roads.

It's an interesting area for hiking within a preserve for the Texas herd of buffalo.  Many other animals and birds are easy to find.  My dog Pete got a real boost every day viewing the prairie dogs but thankfully did not see the coyotes that often came into our campground..   This photo is blown up from one taken at dusk, of a quickly moving coyote, so it's not great.  However, one large one came through my site, while I was relaxing in a chair enjoying the last light of the day.. He passed within 20 feet, until he noticed me sitting there and then he bolted into the bushes again.
Rock formations were typical of canyons out here but I found beautiful.  Shifting light of the day from sunrise to sunset always presented something to enjoy.
 Driving into Quitiquay for lunch one day, I stopped to take a couple of photos of quality local art and humor.  

One of the locals, Bob Wills, made it big time as a musician and his tour bus is still displayed in town.

The bus itself, a "Flexible" was slowly degrading, but here's a picture of one I found by accident, a few days later in an RV Museum.

This bright and shiny Flexible, was restored and used in the movie "RV" with Robin Williams.  Some contrast, but a movie company does have the bucks for such a restoration.

The town is well preserved and definitely showed pride.  The early architecture had detail in it's brickwork and the art, humor and preservation was shown on every street.  This town cares and shows respect for it's heritage.


jtm2014 said...

Hi Ron,
Looks like you and Pete are enjoying traveling in your Foretravel..Weather looks nice and
warm--getting colder up here.
Safe travels--Jim

Ron Sheridan said...

Hi Jim, All is good here. Moved from Cap Rock Canyon to Palo Duro Canyon..then things got very interesting.. More on my Next Blog Post! Also need to catch up for another Post about the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.. Wow. what an experience.. I worked with a team there putting them up and down and in between chasing them to their landing site. More this week! Stay warm! Dang it's so comfortable down here ;)