Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ulu Sail Project: color prevails

Having been given the option of sail cloth with color, I immediately said YES!  I believe this COLOR option will be so 'welcomed' by the Kuna people.

 Dave sewing the center seam on a dark pink/fuchsia colored new sail.
 Mixing up the colors!  Kuna's love color, so I thought these sails could have a mixed up kaleidoscope of colors, offering individuality for many of their ulus.

From these sails to the new ones will be like putting in a turbo charged engine!

making them in Solid Colors too.
 Solid Orange, with contrasting corner patches.

 Use what ya got!  Jibs got a bit of  "this and that"....they will look sharp, with any of the Main Sails.
Solid color and solid construction too.  "nothing to strong, ever broke!"
A tad of color was added to the 'last of the greys'.  35 of the  solid Greys were built and this one is special to me.   It's been a long week or so getting thru the glitches of this project... but now, I think I'm on a "ROLL!"  yay!  After many adjustments, to the sewing machine, it is Finally working well, and I'm feeling ok too.

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