Sunday, September 30, 2012

RV'er's, "Karen and Tony" have been following my memoryroads blog for some time.  she's handicapped due to an accident, so they bought a class C and are on the road to live life as fully as they can, document it for the certain benefit of others, while their having fun.  Wonderful blog!!

 I've gotta read more of it when I slow down a bit,  as it sure is filled with wonderful spots to visit.  She concentrates on the need for accessibility and helps others find such places thru their blog.
However, their last post ...about a 'hunter' reminded me of a fried of a friend/a banker/South African shooting gallery/'preserve' kind of  guy.... that is no longer with us.

Incredible, now to think how many animals one person has killed! ............and this activity called 'Big Game Hunting', was more commonly,  not only acceptable, but glorified...............

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