Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Foretravel Headlight Modification

Some things you will never learn and some you will never forget.
For me, I never sleep well unless I consider "Safety First" as I've had too much down time due to injuries.  Also, as you get older, the effects of injuries come at you at Olympic speed.
So for me:  Safety First for MemoryRoads II

Too many 'accident's' (unintentional in my earlier days) and stupid things (brain in 'neutral'), life, etc. etc. but in the end.....some could have prevented; so I remain now, vigilant.  That said, I choose now to be proactive as much as I can and plan for "Murphy" to be sitting on my shoulder always and it is my task from now on to make sure he walks far behind me
.... It's always been a battle.
ORIGINAL DESIGNED FORD HEADLIGHTS...they are mounted low, so not great for visibility.
One thing mentioned on the Foretravel Forums is a 'headlight modification', and as such, seems to be  a worthwhile project.  I can understand that so much better now, having driven my new purchase, a used 2001 coach, driving only one hour at night.  Yes, High Beams can do great, but I do not want to blind another driver either! Original equipment lights on a 2001 seem to me to be a very poor engineering decision.  Why 'it' took so long to change to a design to 'something' better is incredible.

I'm now in Nacogdoches getting the newest design...., a simpler install of a well thought out upgrade by James Stallings and his staff....tweaked a bit from his earlier company projects of Xtreme Graphics Nacogdoches, Texas

XTREME Paint and Graphics

Just very recently time has allowed them to produce  a 'mold' to knock out Front corner panels quicker and better as well as, this design makes sense.  Clean, neat and functional. by the way, YES they are a busy company!  Work is always rolling in!

Roll in:
So, when you do, say "Aahhh"

Let the dentist cut out corners:

New sections are glassed up from brand new molds!!:

Rance will glass them in:

then, he will do detail fiberglass work on seams getting up to ..............................Paint!  Ok, Ok, in a few days ;)

Bottom line is that 'when' I drive out of here, I will have confidence that I will be able to 'see' everything I should.

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