Sunday, July 8, 2012

Going back to Panama

This is a last minute Edit.
 I finally have everything lined up to take the next big step in the Ulu Sail Project; contacts in Panama notified, flights booked, interpreter, driver and boat ready, all except packing my bag. flying out of Orlando to Panama City, Panama via Miami on Friday, June 13th., and hopefully returning to the U.S. July 27th.

"We" made these sails for the ulu's (dug out canoes) of the Kuna Indians of Panama.   This is the rainy season in Panama, with torrential downpours, but ....It is what it is.... so bought a 'jungle hammock with a rain cover for this delivery phase.  Another adventure.  Say a prayer as this trip should be a challenge!

I cannot thank enough, those who directly helped make this project a reality, but I will name you.

Dorothy Knight
Justino Galino
Keith Donaldson
Joan Escuriex
Dave Barker
Ralph Marshall
Anibal Morales

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