Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank You Vets!


Tim Hanstine said...

As a 21 yr vet let me say thanks for remembering.

Incidentally, I just stumbled on your site while I was researching some repairs on my class-C RV. It is suffering from side wall delamination and cab-over rot. I'd love to fix it all myself and believe I have the skills. I just need the time and space.

Ron Sheridan said...

Tim, Cab over rot is one thing but delamination of sidewalls is another.

I have seen this delamination of sidewalls on very new coaches costing mega bucks but they seem to be able to inject an adhesive and then compress to satisfy the problem. In OLDER rigs, the delam could be another issue but believe me, it will not take your coach off the road for another 40-60 yrs. so enjoy it after you have done your best to alleviate ALL leakes possilbe. you will problably be good then for another 50-60 yrs... well, if you keep the mechanicals working! :)

Tim Hanstine said...

Ron- I guess I should say the delamination is only the tip of the iceberg I think. All the way in the back of the rig in the "bedroom", I can verify there are wood/structure issues. You can see and feel the dry and wet rot in the plywood wall where a little tray for the TV would mount. When I duck-walk around the roof inspecting things I can feel/see soft spots. Suspect some rot there too.

The unit is a 95 Coachman. I got it with 17k miles in 1999; used it for a few years on both coast of the USA and eventually ended up down in south fl with it. I ended up giving it to my daughter in Seattle and she and the family flew down several years ago and picked it up. Now I'm back out in Seattle, and they have outgrown it with 4 kids so it looks like I'm getting it back now. (They got a 41' diesel pusher) "My" unit still only has less than 40k miles and runs very well. The misses and I were thinking about buying a different RV but of course then we would be going strictly into an unknown situation. At least with this one I know the history, and if I go through these patch jobs It'll serve us well in the future. :-)

chieftmc said...

Hey, go for it Tim !!

With Ron's help, I was able to rebuild MY cabover with confidence. Thanks again Ron !! :-)