Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Mobile RV Doctor", Tucson, Arizona

Wow what a lucky day I had!

Our furnace motor began to SQUEEEEEL at an unbearable db level.  It was instantly unusable.

Camping World gave us a price to remove and repair the motor for approx. $400. and I would have to wait 2-3 days for them to get the motor.
-Across the street was another RV center, just as big (will have to look up their name) but for now... They had 2 of the motors in stock and priced at $106.  Could not fit me in for a quick install but gave me the # for a local Mobile mechanic.

Called him and arranged for him to meet me at a Lowe's parking lot in an hour our so, the end of his day.  He installed the motor for $80 and was done quickly.  I watched this guy work.  He was fast, knowledgeable and had a neat/well stocked van.  20 years working on motor homes and could do almost anything including Aquahots etc.

I'd give him a 5 star thumbs up!!

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