Monday, July 19, 2010

Wheeler Dam, Tennessee

Back in '97 Dorothy and I took our boat, Memory Rose, up the Tennessee River during a 5000 mile river trip.  Now, driving north, we had the opportunity to cross one of the dams, Wheeler Dam.

  In 97 we had to be locked into with the boat and floated up, in order to pass it over it.

 Viewed from the top, we smiled seeing the many fishing boats just downstream from the dam.  It seemed we passed a couple of thousand of them during our boat trip and it brought back good memories.

Stayed mostly on 2ndary roads and enjoyed the view.

Decisions decisions....which way to go?

Stopped often to stretch our legs and give the little dog a break and in this case, "Swim Training"!

Later on we stopped on the Chattanooga River on a fine Corps of Engineers campsite.  Again, watching the river traffic put us in a great mood.  We sat outside till well after dark and enjoyed the setting.

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