Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pensacola Shipyard...Gulf Oil Cleanup

While I went to this boat yard to see if a friend of mine, still was keeping his boat there, I was amazed to find dozens of individuals walking around in ORANGE or YELLOW vests..............

Orange seemed to mean "worker" and Yellow seemed to mean Security or "Onlooker/Decision maker". Either way, too many folks stood around chatting.  Maybe it was just a staging point but nothing was being done to alleviate any problem, unless we consider their personal bank accounts.  I had been hearing this on the news for weeks and now see it for myself, miles from any beach.

From what I witnessed, Orange mostly sat under a big shade tree while the Yellow's sat up near the coke machines and snack bar.

From the viewpoint of a casual observer, this waste of effort and money seemed to be a major facet of this event.

You can read into this on your own.

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