Saturday, November 21, 2009

NYC Empire State Building

One of the most memorable things from childhood, was my first visit to the Empire State Building. My dad had taken my brother and I in for the day.

Dorothy and I stepped out on the town, Empire State Building in the backround. We first went to Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral and more sites but thats an upcoming post.

I have been back many times. It has always been to show someone else the National Treasure of the Empire State Building and other sites, but the view and sense of wonder, at the engineering and logistics of the men of those days to erect something like this in one year and one month.

Enjoy the photos and click on any photos to enlarge them somewhat for better viewing.

On 34th Street looking West, the top is aglow with color of late afternoon sunset.

During holidays and special events the lighting of the top will be done in many different color themes.

The Chrysler building Art Deco upper floors bathed in white lights off to the NNE.

The streets below, with Macy's department store("The Largest Store in the World"-- the entire city block) sporting a wall hanging Christmas tree, (thousands of white lights on the face of the building.)

Another, looking North includes the darkness of Central Park(right edge), the glow of lights in Times Square(obvious, just slightly left of center).

A telephoto view, taken from the 86 th floor of the Empire State Building's west side. The face of Macy's Christmas Lights.

Downtown Manhattan is still a city of lights at 10 p.m. The bridges, left to right in the distance, is the Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, all crossing from Brooklyn to Manhattan and far off, the Verazano Bridge from Brooklyn to Staten Island.

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Sherry said...

Nice nighttime pics of New York City!
We are launched and headed back to Bahia today.