Saturday, November 21, 2009

Battery Park, NYC

The very southern end of Battery Park is probably the most historical part of the city, dating back to the first Dutch settlement.

Hosting the Staten Island ferry (free for pedestrians), the Regional Coast Guard facility, Tour boats for Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, entrance to the Holland Tunnel, Pier A (century long home of the NYC Fire Dept. Marine shops), St. Elizabeths(the oldest church in NYC.-George Washington and the boys prayed here before the uprising!), a fort or two, skyscrapers, hot dog and can you believe...."Silk Tie" stands.

Yes, and add to that- street performers, homeless, tons of world tourists and a couple of NY's Finest on horse back.

Just a note, but the fireboat is the McKean, named after a Fire Dept. Marine Engineer who died in the line of duty. He was a friend of my father. As a kid-I would sometimes go to work with my dad was also a F.D. marine engineer and stayed below decks while at the shops/ Pier A/ Marine 1. The McKean is 55 and still in service.
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The bronze sculpture has been there for many years and I think is called Survival, dedicated to those mariners lost at sea.


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