Wednesday, September 2, 2009

High Springs, Fl., Sept 2nd

I got up this morning to walk the dog and get started finishing up a motor home modification I started months ago. (Hey, I might add that right now, I'm sitting at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and it's blowing 50 knots!) OK, back to the subject...... the coffee pot was turned on/filled the night before, so when I return with the dog, my first cup would be ready.

This Park Service Campground was 10% full, cool, out in the woods and quiet. Lovely.

While enjoying our Breakfast Blend coffee, I pulled out some premixed Awlgrip polyurethane paint(container wrapped in Saran Wrap and stuck in the freezer overnight). Layed the 5 small fiberglass pieces I had made in the days prior to leaving St. Pete and now taped underneath to a cardboard mount, I proceeded to pull out my 75 cent chinese paint brush and delacately and sparingly, stretch the paint onto the surface of my soon to be new Clearance Lights.

The trick is with some paints, is to put it on VERY sparingly. Do not leave a Void, (no paint) but stretch the liquid as far as you can until you re-enter the paint brush into the pot. A few minutes of this and we were off to the next nights campground.

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