Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grand Canyon Trip ..the Beginning.

Beautiful weather to begin our trip and a morning view from our condo balcony, of an osprey perched atop a sailboat at our dock.

Watchful of everything around it, it's always a pleasure to have these views everyday we are there. Only 100 yards away from us is an island sanctuary for birds. Pelicans, egrets, blue herons, cormorants, pink spoonbills, rosetta ibis and crows. The top dog, or bird as it may be, is the Osprey.

We begin here in St. Pete Beach on Sept.2nd and end up at Manatee Springs State Park, up the coast on the Suwannee River.

Now how many folks can say they've seen a deer dump?

Suwanee River in early morning haze. The river is down as much of the southern U.S. is having a drought. We visited this remote park a few years ago while doing a slow tour of this bend area of Florida on a gentle trip with my father along. We saw at least a dozen 5-7' long Sturgeon jumping out of the river...a common practice I here.

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