Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cab-Over Water Damage (12/03/08)

Not many words necessary to show the rot involved from a neglected water leak.

Just posting a few photos here to show the problem.

I have a plan that I think will work fine to redo this whole front end, but will write when I have more time.

Attacking this problem after this weekend, until just after Christmas, then will have to put it on hold for January and continue in February on the roof.

For now? Photos taken yesterday.
--Drivers side/forward window: the window obviously had leaks and there is rot on both sides at lower corners and below.
--Inside the path of the water that leaked in is shown as delamination and stains on the forward and side parts of the cab over.
--One piece of the forward drivers side base, actually just started to fall away once the cosmetic skin was removed from the inside. Good thing some 200 pounder was not sleeping up there!
--Outside: the water damage has rusted the metal lower framing on both sides of the cab. Luckily, it looks like there is still good material that can be cleaned up and bonded to for the next go around.

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