Monday, May 31, 2010

Cab-Over Clearance Light leaks (11/23/08)

Not be be forgotten, these clearance lights are 18 years old. Someone has tried in the past, maybe several times to stop leaks from them but the photos here will show the results. Outside, the silicone or other sealant is spread wide and poorly. Inside, the original gasketing or newer silicone goop is obviously not doing it's job.

Original Gasket dried, cracked and soil inside all areas-obviously from many years of leaks.

A couple of the lights had degraded original gaskets inside the orange plastic cover. Those gaskets were shrunk, torn or broken apart from age.

Silicone dam seemed to work a bit on this light evidenced by the lack of serious rusting.

A couple of the lights had dams of silicone installed by someone in an attempt to stop any water creeping in under the orange dome from getting to the electrical connections or the bolt hole causing further water leaking into the cab.

Broken gasket, some rust, some dirt.

One shot here shows how rusted the electrical bulb receptical is as well as the nuts on the attachment bolt/nuts.

Poor silicone internal dam, rust significant.

Need to find a better solution and will change these out to the new LED lights, so bulb changes will not be necessary.

Same light, different angle, rust inside and a sloppy looking silicone job inside and out.

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