Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Postings

After leaving Alaska's Arctic, I proceeded over into the Canadian Yukon along the Top of the World Highway to the old gold mining town of  Dawson City.  All of this road trip was Spectacular!

The trip south from there was no less wonderful and I will be slowly but surely posting more and more photos and some text explaining them.  I just had to catch my breath once returning to Florida and get some of life's necessities back in order.

Before saying good night tonight, I'll throw in a few photos but will wait to add text.

I'm considering putting together a movie with about 10 minutes of video highlights on Youtube.  Is there interest out there for this?  If so, please use the comment box below.

thanks and goodnight!
 Montana Sun Setting

 Hay Festival near Lewiston

 Blackfeet Nation

 Lewis and Clark Museum

Midwestern towns say things straight up!

 Early Stude-a-whatcha-gonna call it.

Southern Montana Sunset

 Cape Canaveral missle mishap a few weeks ago.

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