Monday, August 10, 2015

North to the Arctic Ocean

 From Fairbanks and back is almost 1000 miles.
 Riverside campsite aside Middle Fork Koyukuk River, at village of Wiseman, Ak.

 Off the road and down 15' was this pick up and beer cans.....

 Avalanche area? Oh sh__!

 Wiseman, population 14.  Nice little town though.  I met good folks.
 1929 Catapiller.

 Young Romanian named Radu, biking from Prudhoe Bay to Argentina. (I stopped and asked and glad I did, he needed some drinking water.)
 This Land Rover took 50 years to get to their finish line, the Arctic.  They started in Argentina in 1960.  Long story to be documented by the BBC.
The young Romanian biker as we stood on the mountain side in the rain.

Pipeline at Coldfoot.

 Some roads led to interesting old towns and also...small bridges to get there.
 A long way north but still driving up to 70 degrees, 15 minutes, and 19 seconds of Latitude, which is another 227 miles to the end of the road.  (as the crow flies)
Atigun mountain pass had steep incline, rain and poor visibility; all through numerous avalanche zones.

The gravel road was full of pot holes and patches; muddy and slippery.  Often had to reduce speed to 5-15 mph, but at times could make 35-40.

Grizzly foraging..
 Pot holes, inside of pot holes! Miserable driving.
And this is mid August weather.

Prudhoe Bay Hotel:  Heated trailers combined as a living station for Oil related workers.  Great prime rib, rock fish and chicken wing dinner.  Yes, I had them all!  Heading to the Arctic Ocean in the morning.

And finally the Arctic Ocean !  33 degrees, raining and windy. .... I 'love' the South !!  ;)

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