Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Deming & City of Rocks, New Mexico

From Pancho Villa State Park, along the Mexican border I drove north towards Silver City, N.M.

I had something grab my spirit up there in Silver City, that said "return and look me over again".  That thought lingered in the back of my brain, so I answered the calling.

On the way up, I had been told, a special place was the City of Rocks, State park, but also on the way was Deming, NM.

Ok. Solution found by driving up to the City of rocks and getting a spot to hook up, then driving back south a few miles to Deming to see the town and visit their wonderful museum.

City of Rocks was just that.  Volcanic rock weathered by time, creating a space for us humans to enjoy reflecting within.

Deming's museum was over the top!  Incredible!! and worth every travelers time and effort to explore.

Native American artifacts numbered beyond one's imagination because of early grave robbing common a century ago.  This museum was over-stuffed!  All pottery shown with a "kill hole" in the center of the dish was something taken from an Indian grave, where the 'hole' was meant to seep nutrients from the gift the bowl's food stuffs to the departed's travels thru time.

Other historical info and items filled rooms and rooms.  So much to see here!
 This REO was the first car into this western town.

 Can you imagine this vehicle being your response from your Fire Dept?

 Fuel was delivered via horse drawn equipment.

Western gear, saddles etc. were the norm and now historical artifacts even though many local ranches depend on doing it the old way!

Day break. 06:30 a.m.

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