Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nacogdoches, Texas: Downtown

A few blocks of red brick streets, have been brought back to near original condition.  As normal, most of the 2nd floor of all buildings downtown are vacant.  Sad to say, this is a wasted space common in most Old Towns of the United States.

Behind the Tourist Center, downtown, is Firehouse #5, houses a basement F.D. Museum.  This Seagraves Engine is a hundred years old..and the first diesel vehicle of the department.  Note the wood ladders above!

Above....Pete, my pooch and I walk for exercise daily, around the Foretravel property.

Below?         Sunrise today.

Saturday afternoons, it is common for musicians to sit outside the downtown General merchantile store and play some music. You never know, who will show up or what is going to be played!  Sit down and relax.. it is all so cool!  Play the above for some SOUND!

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