Saturday, June 8, 2013

RV Storage and Project Space

This month has been split between working on sails, for my Ulu Sail Project when I could get the Sailrite sewing machine working correctly and other tasks.  Some days were spent on a scaffold wet sanding and buffing out the gel coat on the big Foretravel coach, my next home.

Finally had to ship the sewing machine back to the factory in Indiana for repairs or adjustments; whatever was needed.  I expect it back by late this week and with luck, can finish sewing up the last of the sails.  I have already started the packing process for Maritime Shipping on a pallet.  10 -12 of them will be physically compressed and vacuum packed in each 18" x 24" bundle so they can be boxed and then fit on a standard pallet.
Not yet complete, but the prototype basic 'press' has been built.

An agreement was made with Betty, the garage owner, for storage and future projects.  What I had not totally anticipated was the amount of work necessary to transform the interior building and systems to a safe and workable space.  Joe has been a tremendous help with the process.  We found poor undersized and often poor or incorrect wiring and plumbing problems which were never noticed until I decided to begin by checking for safety issues.

Next, after much thought on options, We realized that the past owner's inclusion of an unnecessary and quite large full bathroom in the back corner of the building actually was going to prevent me from storing the 40' Foretravel inside the building.

 The space was about 1' short minimally and ideally, I needed 2-2.5' space that the bathroom took up.  OK... took out the measuring tape and thought on the problem for a week or so.  Solution was to open up the bathroom like a clam.

 Split it down the middle/fully supported with some new timbers and rotate the outer end of the room around and back to the back wall of the building.

 This gave the space required, left all bathroom systems intact and added uprights then usable on the back of the garage that I can use for supports for sail cloth etc.  All this was done in a way, that makes a reversal of this clam bath back to the original boxed room if and when required.

All sail project material was shifted to one side of the room and now needs to be boxed for shipping.

                   I set up One,  Ulu Main Sail and One Jib on the wall to keep me "focused"!

My uncles burial Flag( he steered a destroyer in the North Atlantic in WW1) has flown over my boat for a decade in various ports in this hemisphere while we cruised and this weekend is displayed over the front door for Memorial Day 2013.

Pete, my Rat Terrier spends much of his time watching TV when I'm inside.
 He will watch every minute of the Dog Whisperer or any other show that has animals of any kind....often even just humans that for some reason catch his interest.

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