Saturday, May 11, 2013

Food and Atmosphere on the St. John's River of N. Florida

 So if you LOVE Prime Rib.... they serve 3 lb. King and 2 lb. Queen portions! ( my Dad )
                           This 'entry' to the restaurant is the best I have seen in my life.
..............and the back deck?  I cannot say more, except totally unique and it hit all our points on a wish list if we had one...  The place is a 'must do'.

(These photos were at a time when I grasped my father from St. Pete (shown above with my gal) and rescued him, I thought, from hurricane Charlie in '04, and took him with me to North Florida  for safety.)  We lucked out and ended up having a wonderful time and a bit of adventure traveling locally in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area.

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