Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the Road Again, Part 2

Finally got moving north after my catalytic converter and muffler was replaced at a good Ford Dealership in Titusville, Florida.

Problem resolved, I drove to Live Oak Florida to visit a friend and his family. While there, through chance conversations of what I planned to do the next few months, a surprising option opened up.

You see, my plan was to head to Texas to pick up my class A motorhome where I had left it for some repairs and head west further to find a small town  to set up for sewing more sails for the Kuna Indains of Panama.  This was something we did last year successfully making 38 sails.  Well, I just picked up 1100 yds. of colored sailcloth to make possilby 250 sails this winter.  A bigger project for sure and I needed a decent place to set up production.
Well, Jenn-the friend I was visiting, has a sister, who has...........yup! a 2 bay, rv storage garage that is or 'was', empty.

I made an offer for short term rental and it was accepted. I think I'd like to 'maybe' find a way to do some kind of 'hold' on this for future space or work ,but that is beyond me now.

So now..., I drove to Texas on Christmas Day...... and am here now to pick up my coach. I had to drive thru Mobile and it's tunnel but that was normal driving and light traffic because most folks on Christmas Day were where the belonged...............and NOT on the road.

Tornado weather came next and soon.....  "I've never been so close to what I thought was a tornado as i was yesterday........blinding wind and rain in East Lousiana while the radio alerts were every minute or so broadcasted "warnings".  I could not see more than a 100' or so of where was I to go?

 I'll head back to Live Oak Florida in a few days to set up shop to manufacture the sails.

My dog Pete, was happy on the beginning of the drive.  He's a good traveler.

At first, he was bouncy and his eyes said "are we ready to go???"

Then he got into the rythm of things........and chilled out.

Took a few turns

Took a few more.

Opened his eyes to make sure I was doing a good job driving...........

then fell back asleep.

near the end......his eyes, said..."hey, are we there "YET?"

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