Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Heron's and Turtles.

Wood Carving has been an artform chosen by a friend of mine, Charlie Knight, for decades.  He as produced major works often selling for $25,000 or more but most of his work is still extraordinary in quality, while being in my opinion priced too low.
However, he just completed these 5 pieces, 2 herons and 3 turtles in his shop, Palm Tiki, Gulf Breeze, Florida.
----Amazing works of art!
NO!  These are NOT laminations of cheap woods but cut from solid logs he buys!  Cut of cypress or hardwoods, beginning with a chain saw and then on down to tools as small as little electric chisels and dremel tools before ton's of hours hand sanding and 'staining' of all the shades necessary to make these figures life like to the extreme......................and then, many coast of sealers and clear coats.

palm tiki
charles knight
5090 gulf breeze pkwy.
gulf breeze, fl. 32563

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