Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grocery Store, Texas Style

Driving east in south central Texas last week, we stopped at a tiny town with only a few stores.  A grocery store for humans and a feed store for the ranchers and as we remember, not much else.

Inside the grocery/hardware store, was a friendly proprietor and most things one could want for basic sustinance on the shelves.

However, on the walls and ceiling were other items of interest.

Enjoy our view!
Not the normal decor but real interesting, wouldn't you say?

Even had more in his back storage room/office.  Can never have too much of a good thing, right?

The ceiling was unusual and pelts were available for sale from coyotes and red foxes.

Outside, was a poster which I had seen several times before in the S.W. showing the disdain for the importing of Mexican Grey Wolves into the US....a recent practice.

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