Friday, February 17, 2012

Small Towns of Texas

Texas is ONE BIG STATE!  I've driven it many times east/west, north/south over the years on motorcyles, vans, motorhomes and even a long low cloud floating seventies Caddy Eldorado, but nothing shortens the days it seems to take.  Nothing except just slowin' down and enjoying the view.

I just love Texas for it's variety, quaint old towns, artsy flair and humor.

Hearse turned Limo, in Marfa, Texas
Even government has humor, always having the biggest house in town!

Enjoy some photos below, and maybe even a comment or 2!  ;)

Especially love the way things are left to age and perfection is 'not' the only goal.  Seeing history is a part of life here and left to stand on it's own.

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