Monday, February 20, 2012

Silver City, NM

Lovely old mining town of Silver City has held us captive for a bit longer than we expected.  Weather has slowed us down....'snow', but it's the kind of place that has history, architecture, good mix of folks from well to do to homeless(rather have the blend, than all one way.)

Art seems to be the common denominator of many of these old towns  that otherwise would be just another place between some destination.  Marfa Texas was another, but I didn't take enough photos to document it well.

Had fun, just walking the town.  Talked to neat guy walking his big dog; a Pyrenese mix.  He was homeless, communicative and friendly, loved his dog and seemed to be a local figure. His dog was a gentle great animal.

Stopped a gentleman to ask about an old building across the street from where we were standing

and he gave us quite a bit of history of it and the towns entertainment in the years before WWll.  It was one of 3 movie theaters of the day.  The town had no buses then and not many folks had cars.  Towns were far apart and roads less than good, so people walked to the movie theaters for some fun.  We then asked for the location of a church we had been looking for and he said, "Can you wait a minute and I'll take you there?"  He was picking up some hot tomales from a store up the street and dang when he returned, I must say, they looked good
-- Nice folks here.

Artistic flavor is not just on Main Street.  Side streets offer displays of old quaint homes being saved, with an eye to beauty, individuality and some flair.  I loved the tile work over these windows.

 Gives the look of stained glass, doesn't it?

Outside of towns main streets, we are in an RV Park called the Rose Ranch, on Memory Lane.  The Memory Lane Cemetery is next door so we take our daily walks over there and view some history.

Silver City was the home of Billy the Kid.  Came across his mothers grave.

Up in the Cliff Dwellings National Monument north of here last week, we read about a bounty hunter, Ben Lilly.  He was noted for killing about 250 bears and 450 mountain lions.  In those days, 'that' was a good thing.  (maybe not considered as such today, but..)  Ben was said to be in his prime when in his mid 50's outworking his younger counterparts seriously.  Would sleep with his dogs outside even in sub zero weather.......  just loved the outdoors.  Died in a Poor house in his 80's.  Ben is buried here too.
Back in town, we browsed thrift shops and antique stores......
I had to laugh at this ceramic model of an early road trip!  My father first took us in a 15' Kenskill trailer from NY to Fl., that was so similar to this one.  He towed it with a 1950 Buick  stick shift.  6 weeks of bliss for a young boy!  Will never forget the freedom we enjoyed.

Laughed too at this McDonalds!  Worked at 2, exactly like this during the winter months when in high school '62/'63.  What memories some of this stuff can bring back!!

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TexCyn said...

Memory roads is a perfect name for your blog - loved the town & it's history. Thanks for sharing that!