Monday, June 20, 2011

West Texas

Miles and miles of...miles and miles!  Wow, what a big state!

We were so surprised though at the good use of the state's natural resources.  Those miles and miles were usually miles of Oil Rigs, of Natural Gas drilling and storage, of Cotton,

of Corn, of Soybean, of Mining, of Cattle, or Ostrich, Emu

or other exotic animal ranching.  The land was being Used!  You can drive for an hour or HOURS and see the same crop.  Amazing to us how Texas has rolled up it's sleeves and is 'Producing'!  Not a lot of people seen out there, but a lot of work going on.

Windmills at first surprised me.   I'm from the east and not too familiar with them on my horizon, but out here? they are almost everywhere and why not!  (Exclamation, No question mark)  It's WINDY here.

Oil and Gas Rigs dot the hills and valleys.


In town? Fun!!

Hot rod shows, flea markets or other events going on during weekends.  A nice bunch of folks, living and working hard and it seems well. Here's a few shots of wonderful rods!

Some of the old towns have dried up, but that is true everywhere.... where life has gone through serious changes.  I'm glad they have left some of it.... as it adds a flavor of history.

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