Sunday, July 24, 2011

Replace Onan Genset with 1 or 2 Honda eu2000i's on Drawer Slide Assembly

 I removed the Onan 6500 watt Commercial Generator. It was far too Big  for our Class C needs; too Heavy and Noisy by a long shot and also, did I mention ......... a real Gas Hog!  Why would a Class C EVER need a gen set this big? Yikes, "don't you love the ....salesman?..Stop the Snake Oil CRAP and get back to truth..................
Ok, getting back to our post....

     The Access Door's 24" width was increased to 32" with our new Ebay door... to allow easy access for One or Two, new Honda eu2000i Generators.



Sold original Onan 6500 Commercial Genset on Craig's List locally to a new Class A guy who needed constant AC,  to make space for a Slide Out Shelf/Drawer for either 1 or 2, Honda eu2000i -- "normally portable"-- generators.
While I am rebuilding this space--to hold 2 of these Honda's, I must admit, I will probably only bring one along with us now, for quiet/efficient battery charging and not 2 Hondas required for the higher amps required for Air Conditioner use. My project though is meant for 2 Gensets!

 This space will continue to use the original Pair of --frame mounted "L" shaped "C"channel mounts (shown in black) to adapt to this Sliding Drawer system.  The Drawers are made of heavy 1/4" 6061 Aluminum construction.  NOTE, the vehicles frame was drilled to allow the C channels to be relocated with a wider stance than original, so it could offer a wide Drawer Assembly.

Shown below, the concept of Drawer Slide Assembly and  initial drawing taken to machine shop.

Shown above, is close to, the final product, mounted to the underside of the original but relocated black frame extensions.  The Black L frames were spread Wider...on the Frame to allow a Wider Drawer Assembly.   Shown here also, is the new enlarged opening with Eternabond tape sealing all edges.

The NEW access door was an inexpensive Ebay purchase but was purchaced to allow an increase in the width of opening, from 24" to 32".     I  cut the door shown below,  almost in half,   left to right.... and relocated the Twist lock mechanisms, to the sides.  (See other photo of this door below, as finished product)  I also bought 2 locks to add to the Original holes in the door assembly and now have then installed.   The door modification hides the lower half of the Honda Genset as I boxed in the area.  The original Onan was visually too obvious and I think I can clean up the look and security of the new installation quite a bit!  What do "you" think?

I used a sabre saw with a long metal blade to cut the sides of the opening to the desired size.
The foam insulation was removed to a depth necessary to insert a piece of 2" x 4" material which was then marked and trimmed to fit.  The wood, bonded into place with Liquid Nails was then taped over completely with Eternabond tape for future protection, prior to installing the door.  The purpose of the wood it so the door assembly has something to be fastened to.
Basic assembly of Drawer Slide installed.
The Triple rail slides extend 28" out from the closed position and can support 176 lbs. at that position....far more load than I can impose on it.
The Drawer Slide assembly creates "Ease of Access", rather than just building a 'compartment' for the generators.  Being able to easily load or unload a generator and not have to bend or twist my back while using, maintaining, or fueling or starting these Hondas  is 'to me', worth the extra expense and effort.
 Shown above if the Drawer Slid out a few inches to demonstrate the Locking Mechanism I built to prohibit the drawer from sliding out while I drive!
Drawer Slide in 'Closed Position'.....ready to insert Push Pin (shown on lanyard).
Locked Position.
FINISHED !  Honda Generator is hidden from sight and the enclosure blends in, almost unnoticeable.

The Onan's Remote Start Button located inside the M.H. was sold on Ebay, as the Honda replacement is a Pull Start.


chieftmc said...

That's a very sweet set up. I went with a Champion 3500 on the rear receiver. It was VERY cost effective and works great for us. I'm still working on my cabover and now that's it just the wife and I, I am toying with making it the "entertainment center" instead of the double bunk .... we'll see. I ultimately will probably put a Generac 40G in, but until then, the Champion is my workhorse!!

Thanks for all your fine work. Hope you have many, many carefree miles of smiles :-)


Ron Sheridan said...

Thanks Mike! 'Our' usage of a generator has been minimal, so opted for a small, very efficient one for mostly battery charging. The setup I built allows me to house 2 of those little Honda's for parallel usage, if I ever want the benefits of more Watts for A.C. etc.
I'm now covered, either way we go.

We use our Cab Over for extra storage. Never too much space for hat's, jackets, Umbrella's, dog toys, paper towels, extra computer stuff and on and on. It's a great 'Catch-All' area particularly for light weight stuff and cannot envision what I used to do with those things when I had a VW van camper!!?? ;)

Stay well and keep smiling!
Stay well and keep smiling!

Sherry said...

Nicely documented, Ron. Thanks for sharing.

Naina Laky said...

this is a nice post, i am using this generator, got nice information on your post. love It