Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SPIRITS of IRON, by Dan Klennert

STEEL ART.  The sign came up fast as we drove down a highway, but we looked quickly and decided to turn around.  Pulling up to the driveway, our eyes opened wider.....THIS, was a "Find"!

We had just stumbled upon a wonderland of sculptures awaiting public view.

The Artist (and I must capitalize this) is Dan Klennert, of Elbe, Washington, 360-569-2280.                               This gents work is amazing.

The gate was open, allowing for public viewing, but he was not present on the property this day.  A well kept field of his work lay before us and later we found there was more in his acre or two of additional work behind his premises/workshop.

From elk and moose, to biker;

 tractor to guitarist, Christ to urinals etc. etc. etc. his art pieces never ceased to make us study them and smile with appreciation for his work.

Everywhere in view an artistic approach to life was evident.  Classy, thoughtful, playful.

Not just an old truck, but viewed as a 'glimpse of its life'

Hope you enjoy......and thanks Dan, Hope you are well and happy.  Your work is a blessing.
Dan's Website for more of this artists work!


Carl said...
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Ron Sheridan said...

Carl, I am only tipping my hat to this Artist!
His # is noted 2X in blog. Yup! Better yet...go to his website:


The guy is GREAT!