Monday, August 9, 2010

Sheridan, Wyoming

We had to double back to Spearfish, South Dakota for a quick engine repair.  Seemed something electronic decided to raise it's ugly head out in the middle of nowhere, so we drove 30 miles back into the town of Spearfish to buy the part and have it installed before we had any more problems.  That done, we headed off to Wyoming.
First Stop:  Devil's tower.

As some might remember, it is the unusual remains of a volcano that was used as a central part of the movie, Close Contacts of the Third Kind....with Richard Dryfus.

 The rock formation was surreal but we spent only a short amount of time at the park then drove off West.

Just as unusual, for us, was a field of prairie dogs.  shows how worldly we are....or are not!

They were luckily, unafraid of humans so we got a few good photos of them.

Next stop planned was Sheridan, Wyoming and we arrived later that day.

 Stopped at the information desk outside of town and heard, due to a big Rodeo they were having the next evening, all trailer parks were probably full.  One gal visiting the office but a local, stepped up to offer us space on her property if needed.  Well, you can guess how that went.  We checked out town and found things full and although there was a walmart there, we opted to see if the woman really had enough space to park an RV for the night.  Suburbia is always more quiet than a Walmart...
When we pulled up in front of her home, she and her husband in short order, came out to greet us.  We agreed to be back after dinner and would be quiet.  After dinner at a Chinese restaurant they rated tops, we returned only to be invited in and treated as family.  They were rv'ers in the past and were most hospitable to us.  Lady, our dog, even got a romance going on with their poodle Mack!
  I think they both fell in love in 10 seconds or less.
Rodeo day, we got tickets for the seats near the bull pens for the hot action of the night. During the day, before the rodeo, the town put on a parade.
  Actually they had put it on for almost a hundred years so they were good at it.
 Military marching representing days gone by and the town's history , old cars
 and pretty gals, youngsters
 and Indians in war paint;
 the town was prepped for a good day.

  Later, at the rodeo,  we had to stare into the setting sun for a couple of hours before the bull riding finale.  It was all exciting and never having been to a real live event before, made it great for both Dorothy and I.

We parked at our guests, Jessee and Myron's home for another night then left in the morning.
 Great folks that we will keep in touch with and a great town.   Sheridan!  a great name, don't you think?

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