Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spearfish, South Dakota

Our motor home had a break down today!!  Whoa!!

Yes, about 30 miles up in the hills of SE Wyoming. While I sat and pondered the situation on the quiet turnoff, vehicles did pass....trucks to motorcycles. One even turned in and around us to get into a tiny side road. They looked..... (new Prius) and drove by. They left an hour later...looked again and drove off. 
Our cell Phone showed NO SIGNAL. (AT&T), our Verizon Stick for the data/computer, would not connect either.
I decided to roll up my sleeves and see what I could decipher. Removed engine box inside after checking the outside minimal engine view. Checked connections and looked for obvious things...but nothing evident. I got back on the computer with Verizon data plan, to see if i could find and reach a dealership or service center in one of the towns we had just passed through. No luck, no signal even with antenna booster.

OK. Everybody's "nightmare!!??"

Well, I then heard a door slam. Looked out the window and there was an older gent(80 ish I'd say but still solid) from an older Jeep, ready to knock on my window. I jumped out and greeted him. What a nice guy!
Long story a bit shorter...he drove me back up to his hilltop 40 acres
four miles into the forest so i could use his phone.  He was insistent to help, believe me. Now to balance the Prius notation.....this gent's jeep had more dirt Inside than outside...and most windows did not have a crack in them. Get the picture?
This guy only, ONLY wanted to be a helping hand!

Together we got through to Dealerships and Ins. and tow company etc. etc.
Bottom line is nothing got us a tow truck as we could not receive a call to confirm location once we headed back to our motor home.

I got the rig running again and chanced a ride downhill to Spearfish S.D. about 35 miles back east/south east. Got there, got to a NAPA, then thru them, a Goodyear shop. parts will be installed at 8:30 a.m. They, led THEN, led me to a City Campground that is JUST BEAUTIFUL.
Why tell you this? Well I think it is the serendipitous nature of life and good people helping good people. We are them, even if we are not all totally in sync all the time.
So yes, bad things can happen. It is not only NOT the end of the world, but may be the beginning of yet another wonderful experience.

Last thoughts for the evening. Thanks for the comments from those who on this net have kind words for my blogs. The info is there to help anyone that has had to step into my shoes. Maybe I've been able to make the shoes fit

The "Gent", Clarence, has called 3x to make sure we are OK or need anything.

I'd trade this for any payment connected to a New Motor home, that gives me a security "net" that might be only applicable a thousand miles from here. 

Also:  Drove back into Spearfish, stopped at a Car Quest parts store.  They recommended a Goodyear shop within a mile to check out the rig, as I had found 2 dealerships were booked up for a week.  Got the work order set up for 8:30 a.m. the next morning to replace the Ignition Control Module and at my request the fuel filter.  

They then told me of a wonderful City Operated Camp Ground a half mile away.  What a pleasant surprise!  things were working out.  Once we saw the campgrounds and park, with free attraction of an Historical Fish Hatchery, I opted for a second night.

We relaxed in the park with walks, tour and a few miles of window shopping downtown Spearfish.  Lovely town, reminded me of Durango, Colorado, before it 'happened'.

We played with our dog on the grass next to our camping site and with stream adjacent, let our rat terrier "Lady" learn of the world through sites and smells.  She tried to drain the water bowl....didn't understand it's a creek!

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