Sunday, May 9, 2010

2. Materials used for making the Cab-Over Molding (additional info.)

This morning, I thought I'd take a few shots of just what you can and cannot expect out of this Cloth Tape.

Clear by this photo, you can bend it over a 90 degree corner.  It is also workable around a gentle sweeping curve as shown here.  Do note though that about half way through this turn, I cut and overlapped it. (right near the dark spot)

On a really tight turn, as here in the 7-8" radius turn,  I have to snip and overlap the material.  On each of the 4 layers of cloth I will apply, I stagger the cuts of each layer from the layer below.

Allowing the resin to get tacky between coats or layers, make it much easier to apply the next layer as the material is held while you work it for tight bends and curves.
The real beauty of Cloth though is how easily it can be worked into and around multiple curves and angles as shown here.  Other woven or stitched material is like a piece of paper--- you can wrap it around ONE curve, but not stretch it around multiple curves.  With Cloth, you can do much. but need to use more layers to get the ultimate thickness and strength.

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