Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roof/right rear/luan sheet (5/01/09)

    After framing out the rear of the roof for a squared off corner, I measured the area of some apparent water staining of the luan sheet on top, as well as some definite damage of the corner. Where soaked in the past, luan degrades fast as the glue is not waterproof. Thee wood will delaminate, then rot.

That damaged material was clearly evident, but I marked this section of the aft panel on the roof WAY beyond the damage, then transferred the measurements to a fresh sheet of luan down below. I then marked the fresh sheet and cut it to this new shape, to be used as a replacement.

Once cut, the new sheet was brought up on top of the MH and laid into position so I could transfer lines designating the perimeter of the outer edges of it to the Old roof. Using a circular saw set to 3/16", I cut through the old luan along the marked lines. Old damaged luan was peeled up off the Dow Blue Board insulation, with a 6" putty knife.

'Liquid Nails -Tub Surround' product, was applied to the Blue Board and all wood trim of the MH's aft corner, carefully and plentifully. [regular or Heavy Duty (HD) liquid nails is fine for most things but use the TubSurround formula for the foam] The new panel was positioned and pressed into in place. To be asured that the adhesive did not burn into the foam insualation, I then pulled the 2 materials apart and let them be subjected to air for 4 minutes (The Liquid Nails company says 3-5 minutes). Then the materials were placed together for the final set.

Weighted objects were placed around the perimeter and center of the new panel. An hour later, a nail gun was used to secure the edges where wood was underneath.

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