Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Covering the Foam Board (5/25/09)

Now, after adding one inch of extra foam board insulation to the roof, I need to cover it with 1/4" (5mm) of luan wood sheeting. I was lucky enough to find it at my local Home Depot for $11.50 per 4' x 8' sheet and it was at least rated moisture resistant.

Since it's under the final Rubber Roofing Dicor product yet to be applied, I feel OK with this thin but smooth sheeting, for surfacing material. WHY? Well, because what I have added, is, an addition to, not a replacement of. Adding insulation and a minimal layer of framing addes a few pounds but much, in the way of insulation and believe me... I would not do this for insulation value UNLESS I already had the old roofing off and had this opportunity!

[No original wood is any better and probably has lesser glues, so this should be perfect.] I have read on other sites of using 3/8"-1/2" wood, but from what I can decifer, they are using that on larger rigs and for Primary Roofing. (I am Doubling this roof/sandwiching an EXTRA layer of Foam Board, and not just replacing the old damaged wood sheeting.)

So far these last steps are working out really nicely.

We squared out the aft roof,

rather than deal with the old rounded edge that was certainly a culprit for leaks, as it would be difficult for a mfgr., owner or re-builder to seal the seams here with any certainty of success.

Straight corners/edges make things somewhat easier to work with and that seems to be where the newer Motor Homes have gone to within their designs...so; I will also!

Having added One Inch of material to the roof,
the Front Edge adds a bit of a challenge. I'm zero-ing in on this, with some extra effort to make a smooth flowing, extremely well sealed edge. NOTHING will leak HERE! This, I guarantee will last longer than anything on this rig. Of course, more to come, but for now, you see I'm dealing with a One Inch added height and it's squared off.. more later.

ADDED- 30 DEC. 2010:

To explain better the techniques I used to "Finish" this front edge of added Roofing Material.

Dicor Rubber Roofing material added first, then....

See "Drawing" below.

By the way....I forgot to include in the drawing that the Wood is attached to the Aluminum angle with 3M 5200 Adhesive sealant.


Anonymous said...

Nice job you have done !I replied to your post on rv travel and sent a blog of another guy with a Tioga whom replaced the roof with fiberglass.Pretty interesting alterations.Here's blog adress http://vagabonders-supreme.net/blog/blog.html you may have to search for it because I don't remember when he started.

Ron Sheridan said...

Yes, I went to vagabonder, and as always learn something!
I hope others, with the particular problems I am addressing here to get direct and precise info.
We all can and do help each other and much of what we are able to do later, is dependent on that.

Ron Sheridan said...

Please NOTE the additional Drawing at end of Post. Added at request to explain further the Finishing off of the front edge of New Additional 1" of Roof.

Foam Roof said...

Thanks Ron. Very informative post you shared.