Friday, May 28, 2010

Cab-Over Front (12/21/08)

After removing the fiberglass skin of the cab-over, it was evident that the window and edge leaks had caused the very front corners to be rotted out. This was something I had to digest.

First indication of problems were the sloppy job of silicone sealant added around the edge of the cab-over and the poor repair of a crack at the forward underpanel.

The Crack has been repaired on the inside, after this photo was taken. When this panel is reinstalled, the external crack will have to be repaired.

I looked at the very front corners each and every day I went over to the Motor Home. I'd sit and consider options.........and try to figure out what was there in the first place, as so much of it had turned almost to a black disfigured powder.

OK. I took pictures and then sat at home looking at them on my computer or in the garage, looking at some of the parts and comparing the parts, to the photos I took of them before removing them to bring home to my garage.

The Half Moon pieces are used in the front bottom section to help curve the fiberglass around from the front to the bottom of the cab-over. Much rot here, so I built a whole new section.

Finally the mess started to make sense and I cound not only understand the pieces and the order of the fitting, but the way the motor home was built at the factory. The factory must have pre assembled panels or sections. That is great when putting this together years ago, but since a type of Liquid Nails was used as an adhesive the disassembly was a bit tedious. Doable, but tedious.

The leaks in the corner of the front window caused most wood rot.

Got thru the disassembly and when I got the very front panel home, I decided not to try to repair it, but just make a new one. This, is often the way to go.

Obviously, all this black wood had to be replaced.

I improved things a little here and there, and fudged there and things went along.

Today, I installed a few components and worked out the most difficult of the replacement parts on the very corners. The old wood was really rotten, so I cut it out and spliced in new pieces. Next I will glue and screw in reinforcement blocks wherever they seem prudent.

Actually things look better than I expected, so I guess I'm over the hurdle..or at least one of them.

What "Looks New" This is the very front section of the cab over. IT took minimal time to make it out of new materials.

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